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1. Anthony H.

I came here for the second time recently and had a much better experience than I had the first time. There usually isn't too much of a wait for this place so that's bonus points! There is street parking, but there is also valet parking available underneath the plaza. Service is a hit or miss, but when it hits, it hits. The meat quality for the price points are fair, great even. Meats come out quick and the servers are pretty attentive with changing the grill. This place is also the only place that offers ranch as a condiment. Hear me out, sounds weird right? Well, it surprisingly works and it works really well. Additionally, the hot sauce option is also really flavorful with a little kick. They create fantastic flavor profiles that aren't usually offered at kbbq.

2. Erica T.

It was very late, my friend and I sneaked out a short film competition cause I was extremely hungry, getting on the hangry side lol. We cruised around Sunset and no luck, so we decided to go into Korea town. We saw this long line from the street (it ended up being for an ice cream spot), so we decided to go. Most of the spots in the shopping center were closing. We saw this restaurant full of people and as we walk through the door, the smell made us put our name on the waiting list. There was only one couple ahead of us, we only waited around 5 minutes, no more than 10.

3. Suhyun K.

One year later, the quality is still pretty good. Honestly, get the premium. There's so many kbbq spots in KTOWN that if you don't get premium, you should just go to a different spot.

4. Abby G.

I end up always coming back to this kbbq when choosing a place to eat in koreatown. The galbi is very flavorful and I love the flavor of the galbi jumulleok. The service can be a hit or miss but usually it's okay. The ventilation isn't the best but the quality of the meats make up for that. I recommend going with option B when coming to dine in as that is where the better quality meats is. They validate parking for the parking garage underneath or there is street parking. I came on a Tuesday night and last call was at 12am which is an hour before they close!

5. Derek L.

I love this place, a go to for KBBQ when I don't want to wait an hour for a 2 top. The 3 tier menu is great and the lowest tier has pretty much everything I would want from KBBQ at a reasonable price. I'm laughing at the reviews that say the service is bad because I've been here a few times and each time I've had nothing but great service. They will help you cook if see you struggling, I was never down a side dish, and there is always someone walking by so it's never a problem to grab a server if there is an issue. I also saw people complain about the temperature.. it's.. Korean BBQ. You're grilling inside eating meats. It's gonna be hot, especially on a hot day outside. I.. really don't know what some people expect.